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Frequently Asked Questions
What's this all about then?

A Doemain of Our Own began as the journey of a newly married couple. It has evolved into following the life of Susan Hartland and her two kitties, Gwynn and Ginger, when Happily Ever After eludes her and it's time to start over.

How much of the strip is based on reality?

There's a good deal of the strip that's based on reality. They say you should write what you know, so I do. Besides, my life is so weird that I don't usually need to bother making things up! Yes, the surgeries were real, as was the divorce.

What do you do, besides Doemain?

I'm building a freelance illustration biz! My first big project is Spontoon Island! Makes sense ... it's about deer! In fact, I'm just about to do final inking on the pieces for the first story with which I've been tasked! Should have been done a while ago ... had some down time due to school and eye surgeries. C'est la vie! I'm also that artist for a strip called "Never Never!" Good author on that one! http://www.mopsy.com

Awesome! So, you do commissions then?

Err ... no. There may be a time when I auction one, though. When/if I do, there'll be an announcement on the main page of the site. Maybe something like ... an LJ icon set, or a con badge.

How about sketchbooks? Like at conventions?

Yes! Those I most definitely do! I tend towards the clean stuff. I don't do color at cons anymore. Sadly, it's just too much of a strain on my eyes and leaves me with too little time to work on more books. I really dislike having to turn people away. However! If I draw something for you and you really want it colored, see me at the end of the con. I'll take it home, color it, and send it back to you for an additional fee.

What programs do you use to make the strip and how long does it take?

Each strip is hand-crafted out of the finest vellum bristol board and non-photo blue and red pencils, which are then coated with ink, and scanned into PhotoShop for lettering. How long it takes depends on how involved the layout is, how much detail, the brand of tea, how much sleep I've had, and whether or not it's a nice day (seriously). The average amount of time is 3 hours, not including the time spent in writing and conceptual drawing.

Did you guys really have 5 cats? And you still have 2 of them?

Yes and yes.

"You frequently use another artist's characters, particularly Vinci from Vinci and Arty. While I've seen crossovers in other strips, you use the characters as a regular part of your strip. Why? You are more than creative enough to produce your own characters. Why use someone else's?" (Actual question!)

Like the characters in Doemain, Vinci and Arty are based, however loosely, upon real people. It just so happens we all know each other and have since around the spring of 1997. We appear in each others' strips for various reasons. Sometimes it's to poke fun at each other, sometimes it's to cheer one another up, sometimes it's to sort of cover a little hiatus being taken by the other person for personal reasons, and sometimes it's to fill a cast in the cast with something more personal and less time consuming than introducing new characters.

Good buddies RL make for good buddies in stories, and when you don't get to spend any RL time together, it's a different way to make memories. I think we're hoping that the overall effect is entertaining to our readers in a unique and silly way.

I think you should bring back Eric!

I think you could stand to learn some manners.

Would you bring Eric back, please?

That's better, but flattered as he may be to see that he is missed ... , no. There may be a "Where are they now?" kind of run in at some point, but nothing permanent. You see, Susan and Eric are based off of very real people and we've gone on with our lives. Separately. Having him in the strip would be something akin to invasion of privacy, use of likeness without permission, and Rather Bad Juju.

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