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Strip for 2008-03-04 - ** Hey! **
Mar 4, 2008
Doemain Omnibus

Doemain Omnibus


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Well... It's been a hot minute (yeah, let's call it that) since this website has had an update... HI!

Welcome (back) to Doemain! We've missed you, and we've got stuff to tell you!

NEXT WEEK: I will be in Pittsburgh, PA at Anthrocon 2022 as GoH, where I'll be doing some activity panels, talking about being a cartoonist and illustrator, AND I'll have some fun merch, like mugs and an apron featuring Bennie's Big Meatball scene!

But the BIG merch news is DOEMAIN: the OMNIBUS! It's a 350+ page, hardback, coffee table book! This thing it Big McLargeHuge and we spared no expense on the paper and print quality! Strips that had been here only in pencil are now INKED and there's a section of bonus material for you to enjoy!

What does this all mean for the future of A Doemain of Our Own? Good question. We're hoping to get opinions at Anthrocon about whether or not the strip should restart and in what sort of format. You'll get to weigh in, too. We'll have a poll set up for it at the same time the store relaunches.

Thanks for stopping by! See you at Anthrocon, or one of the countless other conventions!


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